Authors Attending & Authors Signing Lists Are Live

Just in time for Christmas we have a present for you. It's links to the authors you will meet at this year's RT Convention. There are four links on the right.

One takes you to ALL of the authors attending whether they are signing or not. The list is so long we broke it out into letters of the alphabet so you can click on each letter to see all of the authors whose last name begins with that letter.

The next list shows ALL the authors combined who will be signing at the Giant Book Fair: Traditional Print, E-Book Only, Indie Print On Consignment. All of these including the YA and New Adult authors.

You will also find one list for all YA Authors and one for New Adult authors who will be signing and these lists include ALL of the signing areas: Traditional Print, E-Book Only and Indie Print on Consignment.

The "Authors Signing" list has an "infinite scroll" built in meaning that you do not have to click on pages. Just go to the bottom of the page and after a few seconds the next page will automatically appear. You can continue to do this until all of the authors names appear.

The names are in alphabetical order BUT THEY ARE BY PAGE. Each page has three columns of names in alphabetical order separated by a black line. The black line indicates the next page. So the last author on a page is followed by the first author on the next page. It seems complicated but it's really not once you get used to how it's laid out.

This was the only way we could use the "infinite scroll" that eliminates you having to click on individual pages.

Carol Stacy


So I have a question, is this the final list of authors in attendance/signing? When I do a search for particular authors their names still pop up as attending but they are not on the list. And sometimes I will put in an author name and then up pops what panels they'll be doing yet I cannot find them on any of the lists.
If you could give me an example that would be helpful. Every author attending should be on the Authors Attending list but not every author is signing at the book fair so they all don't show up on the book fair list. Not every author on a panel is signing either but they should be on the Authors Attending list. If you could give me an author's name that is on a panel but not on the list I could check into it.
For example Rachel Vincent's name pops up in the search engine on the agenda tab and when I click her name a list of panels show up, but she doesn't appear on the authors attending list. And another example is Jocelynn Drake and Richelle Mead. When I type their names into the search engine, their names pop up but there are no panels listed nor do they show up on the attending list. Thanks for your help!
Rachel Vincent has been corrected on the back end and she will now populate on the lists. Both Jocelynn and Richelle are not attending this year. They will show up in the search engine because they have attended in years past. Hope this helps. Trent
Okay, thank you! That explains things! But then I did note a few other author names who appear on panels but still do not appear on the authors attending list. Those were Claudia Gray, Jana Oliver and Diana Rowland.
Thank You. This is very helpful. We will check into this and get them on the Authors Attending lists. May be after the New Year though.
To add to that list Rebecca Donovan? Not sure if I'm not looking in the correct spot or if she is not listed. Happy New Year!
Rebecca Donovan is not scheduled to be on any panels and is currently not registered to attend the convention.
I believe the issue is that if an author is on a panel and HAS NOT REGISTERED yet her name will not show up on the Authors Attending list. The list is generated by people who register as Published Authors. That may explain why some authors are not showing up. Right before the holiday we contacted all panelists who have not yet registered to see if they are still attending. Their name will be removed from the agenda if we do not hear from them or if they do not register by January 15. Thanks so much for checking. This is very helpful. Carol Stacy