A Favor! Please Fill Out Your Personal Agenda

After a minor snag at the launch of our Personal Agenda, I am happy to report that it is now working perfectly! Thanks for your patience.

We encourage everyone to select the workshops you are most interested in attending because, it not only creates a personal agenda for you, but it also it helps us know which workshops will require larger rooms. On the administrative side, we are able to see how many have signed up for each workshop thus helping us plan room assignments and also helps us inform workshop leaders how many giveaways to have on hand.

Please pass this information along to your friends who are attending so that we get the word out for people to create their personal agendas.

As always thanks for your help.


Thank you for the information. Can we change the workshops on our agenda at a later date? Last year I was unable to change once I selected a workshop.
Yes you can. Just choose "Remove from My Agenda" and it will take it off.
I am getting an "invalid" link when a I click on "add to agenda" for two of the workshops offered on Wednesday...From Top to Bottom and Montlake. Do you know why?
Seems to be working for me. Anyone else having trouble adding to their agenda?
It looks like from main agenda page you can't click on "Add to My Agenda" but have to actually open up the workshop then "add" while the others, you do not. Must be some sort of glitch.
This should be working now. Let me know if you are still having issues.
Well, as a 3rd year 'veteran', I took my time picking my personal agenda out. But I found myself wishing there was a way to 'check' a second choice for many of the same hours. Just in case they fill-up to fasr, or I meet a Convention friend, and we team up to catch up for an hour. Last year, I simply wrote in 2nd choice's, but having a clean printed copy would be awesome.
I believe you can select two workshops in the same hour but it's not advised. This is a working agenda and even though you create your wish list, once you are there, you can go to whichever workshops that interest you — even if you didn't sign up ahead of time for it.
Hi. I can't set up my Personal Agenda. I hit "Apply" but nothing happens.
It's working for me now. Not sure what happened but I am able to add events to my Personal Agenda now.