Moved to a New Server — While You Were Sleeping

During the night we moved to a new faster, more powerful server which we are very excited about. It all looks perfect to me, however, there may be some hidden glitches which I can't see so if you encounter any please post here or contact me privately at

You may have to log in again to make the connection to the new server but your username and password will work fine.

Now that we have the new server, we can move forward with getting the dynamic Book Fair list up which will automatically populate as authors register. Can't wait for that to happen!

Thanks again for your patience as we continue to develop our convention website.


How do we get to articles that appeared on the home page previously, but have been bumped off with new articles? I'd posted a question on the article about combining the Ebook Expo and the Bookfair, and wanted to see if there was a response... but I don't know how to get to it.
Here was my reply Carol Stacy replied on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 8:59am PERMALINK We combined the two events because the ebook and indie authors wanted to be a part of the Saturday book fair. We are trying it out. If if works we'll continue with the combined events. If not, we'll go back to two events but we feel confident it will work.
Hi, Carol. My question had actually been about those on the waiting list. Since they have different areas -- general area, Young Adult Alley, etc -- I wondered if it made a difference for those on the waiting list as to where they would end up. My daughter is attending RT (She did the YA day in LA a few years ago, but this is her first full year as an author), and she's on the waiting list for the bookfair. She would be in young adult alley as she writes young adult and new adult novels. That information wasn't asked for when we registered her and signed up for the fair. I know the list is probably huge, but it'd be an amazing experience for her. She's an actual young adult writing young adult. First publishing credit at 16, first novel at 18, second at 20. My curiosity was whether there was a differentiation.
Since she is on the wait list we did not collect that information. Who is the publisher? If it's Desert Breeze then she would be on the wait list for either E-Book or Indie Print on Consignment. Those areas are completely filled at the moment but we are trying some tricks to get more authors into the signing. What's her name and I'll check where she is on the list.
Thank you! Yes, Desert Breeze Publishing. Her name is Katie Charles.